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Dear Friends
You can always be a part of the ocean but what makes u stand out is your ability to create ripples....
And Be An Impact to Others and positive to the core of essence in life

Physiotherapy - 5 Ways It Can Help Post Fracture!

A fracture requires quick and careful medical attention to ensure proper healing and alignment of the bone. Most fractures usually recover within six weeks but that is only half the problem. A lot of other tissues get damaged in the...

Having An Pleasant Ambient and Soothing Environ With Beautiful Friends Around us Surely Relax the Body Mind And Soul 
Which is really required too for Total Wise Thoughts and Also for the worthful Outcome and Success Of positiveness in the life 


My Dear Friends 
Do you Agree With Me 
In the World of Materialistic And Reality its very hard to find the One with the Noble Soul to be in the company 
And in this there is no place or role of Justification with Circumstances 


Health Tips for Flat tummy ; 

Drink a glass of water before half hour of eating and after half hour of eating 

Drink lots of water (12glasses/ 3 litter)
Eat small meals

Eat Slowly

Eat less sweets

Eat veggies

Eat fruits

Eat fiber rich...

Knee pain or injuries are very common and have numerous causes. Knee pain can emerge from delicate tissue wounds like ligament sprains and ...

Allergic rhinitis is an allergic reaction of an immediate type. This reaction develops in just a few seconds from the moment of contact with allergen. Allergenami can be pollen from plants, food for fish, home and library dust, medicines, food, etc.


Wishing All My Muslim Friends in India and Around the World Happy Ramadan to all 

And Do Pray Inshah Allah All Happiness Good Health Peace Harmony Universal Brotherhood and to end Civil War in all sorts of the regions and to prosper the glory of the lives 


Relationship Commitments Loveliness Responsibilities - Are the most important in shaping of One's Identity and Symbol of Perfection in Attitude Otherwise 

This indeed makes an individual ready to face the challenges in their path of life and to survive into it successfully.

But by...

Life is a journey in between so many gets in and gets off in various stages of our life 

But the fact is at the end we may have to depart alone 

Meantime Our Karma too plays a prominent role in shaping the beauty of the life 

So Kindly not harm or hurt anyone either...