Health Tip - Water Consumption to Our Health

Published Date: Monday, August 13, 2018

Water is the main component of all the cells of our organism.

Our cells consist of 80 % of the water and 20 % of all the other components, and as we have already mentioned that the performance of the cells will depend on how well you support their lives. A cage can't exist without water for one simple reason, all cell activity is happening in the water and with its participation. Cytoplasm cells are a liquid environment containing all the components of the cells, in other words the cage is a balloon filled with water, in which all cellular life is happening.

1. You don't get water in sufficient quantity
Soda and coffee don't count. Although they are liquids, in fact, caffeine in both drinks is able to increase the loss of Liquid by increasing diureza (education and urine allocation). When it happens, the organism starts to hoard the water. Common common sense tells us that 6-8 glasses of water are the quantity sufficient for one day. If you are intensely engaged, you need more fluid. In this case, the average polgallona-Gallon (1 ГАЛЛОН= 3,8 liters) per day is necessary, depending on the level of training.

2. Water clears the organism from toxins
The water is cleansing the toxins and other ultimate metabolic products. Water is especially important if you stick to a high-Protein Diet, as it helps to remove excess nitrogen, Urea (toxic substance) and ketones. If you eat a lot to gain weight, you need more water. This will help your kidneys better do your job.

3. Water helps metabolize fat
With insufficient water quantity, kidneys cannot work properly. When this happens, a large amount of consumed by you comes to the liver. The liver turns "pending" fat into energy. But when the liver does the kidney work, it burns less fat. And among other things, water reduces the sense of hunger.

4. Water Reduces moisture retention
In the cut of the popular opinion, the use of water can really help you get rid of the unnecessary "water" weight. When the water comes little, the organism sees the shortage and starts to accumulate water. This water is stored in underlying areas. In other words, your skin looks lethargic and otekšej.

5. Water Supports Bodybuilder in shape
Too small the amount of water, and your body takes it from other organs such as the fat intestine. When this happens, you get constipated. Besides, the water allows you to digest the food better. This is especially true when you use more than 4 calories per day.

6. Water helps those who consume too much salt
If the water delay is an eternal problem, then maybe there's too much salt in the diet. The more salt, Tom more organism tries to stall the water (to lower the concentration). Either reduce the amount of salt accepted or increase the amount of water.

7. Water helps supplements work better
Supplements Such as creatine only work in part, as they delay water in muscle cells, thus creating conditions to increase the protein synthesis needed for growth. For these processes to occur properly, you need a lot of water. Also, if you are very intensely practicing, you need major mega vitamins. Many vitamins are vodorastvorimy, and it is the water that reveals their power.

Which water is better to drink?
The point is that the usual water we are using can not immediately penetrate the cells, because the molecules of such water exceed the size of the holes in the cells through which the water and penetrates into them. So before you learn the usual water, the body first has to recycle it, filter it and make it similar to the one that flows within us. The composition of the normal water is a little different from the composition of the water that flows inside our body and that is why it has to do some work before it is to learn the regular water. We recommend using snow water.