Write Up - Love and Attachment

Published Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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Love  and Attachment 

Loving someone or something and being attached to it, Attachment is based on desire - not limited to sexual,but one which is grasping in nature,based on the ignorant perception that things and people are permanent

Attachment is conditional love and is discriminatory in nature.based on ‘object’ of love arising from a selfish perspective and binding.

Nature does not support attachment. A tree is not attached to the flower or fruit it bears nor does the flower or fruit show any such tendency.

Love is based on the understanding of impermanence.that something which is born will pass away and hence there is need and reason to love. This is desireless unconditional and non discriminatory.

Much the same way as a mother loves her Child unconditionally.love is releasing.

To maintain the purity of relationship which becomes stronger long lasting,every kind of relationship should have a close bonding for the other, based on love and loving kindness,and be careful that contamination of attachment does not seep in.

Dear Friends do expand your heart with real love and true affection upon all other beings 

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