Write Up - On Beautiful Relationship

Published Date: Thursday, June 14, 2018

Beautiful Relationship

The Most Beautiful Relationship is Friendship , But it’s not given that much due Importance of like romantic or filial bonds 

Purely speaking Friendships are very good for health - the mental well-being.The ability to trust another person seek support help and guidance when we need it the most , is actually good for the hearts, minds and souls,

When we are stressed, anxious or depressed all we need is a good friend by our side ,as not everyone as great relationships with their relatives, not everyone can share everything with their partners and some don’t even have any family.

Whereas we can choose to make friends wherever we go , but while Friendships we make as kids and teenagers are important. It is good to have friends as an adult, more than ever. This may help us

- To have better support system when we enter Adulthood 

- To Navigate life , need a peer as who is experiencing the things the same way as you are so 

- When Things get too stressful, need a friend we can vent to


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