Fitness And Health Tip - Boxing and Major Contact Games On Concussion Injury Management

Published Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Concussion refers to a mild traumatic injury to the brain without an associated structural abnormality such as bleeding. It may occur with or without loss of consciousness.

While concussions can occur from direct impact, many occur without any contact to the head. A sudden, abrupt stop, such as a fall to the ground or two players running directly into one another without hitting heads, can cause a concussion

Concussion Evaluation

Sports Mediicine Rehabilitation Experts with thorough assessment and guide the athlete toward a safe return to sport. In some cases, physicians may use a brief neuropsychological assessment tool known as an ImPACT test. This test should be considered as one tool in a comprehensive concussion injuries 

Ideally, this test would be used to compare the post-concussion ImPACT results against pre-injury test results. This provides objective information to assist the clinician in the development of a treatment plan and to ensure the athlete's safety in returning to sports 

ImPACT Neurocognitive Assessment

ImPACT is a user-friendly computer based testing program specifically designed as a tool in the management of sport related concussion. It records the athlete’s health history, current concussion symptoms and neurocognitive data. This test measures verbal and visual memory, processing speed, and reaction time. The test takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

A large number of sports teams in UK , iincluding the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers and the University of Wisconsin Badgers, use ImPACT as part of their concussion assessment.

Taking the Baseline Test

Athletes should take the baseline test, which evaluates the athlete's reaction time, concentration and memory with a series of questions, prior to head injury. That way, should head injury occur, Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Professional will be able to compare pre-injury and post-injury test results.

The minimum age requirement to take the baseline test is 12 years of age. We do not recommend anyone under the age of 12 take the baseline test, as the post-injury test data gathered from athletes younger than 12 is unreliable. In addition, the test can be very challenging for kids younger than 12.Treatment


usually involves some components of mental and physical rest along with rest. As the athlete's symptoms improve, the athlete will be guided back to field and exercise on a gradual basis. For patients with more chronic problems following a concussion,would be included 

Sports Specific Rehab Techniques include:

  • Jumping Activities and Mechanics
  • Kettlebell Exercises
  • TRX
  • Slide Board Activities
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Resistance Band Work
  • High-resistance Sports Exercise


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