Health Tip - Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Published Date: Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dieting has become synonymous with weight loss. Many people believe that giving up on the tasty and lip-smacking cuisines and delicacies can help them to get back in shape. From living on fruits and vegetables to almost starving themselves, people try different forms of dieting to lose weight. Most people start dieting with a bang but lose their focus and determination in between. In this regard lifestyle habits surely earn brownie points. More and more people are implementing healthy lifestyle practices in their lives. These changes have made their lives a lot easier. What is more, it also takes care of their body weight

As per a survey, many people quit dieting within a week. People often starve themselves in the name of dieting. Needless to say, they not only fail to lose weight but also end up with numerous side effects and health complications. Dieting is all about eating the right kind of foods in appropriate quantities as per your body requirements. There are many reasons why dieting often fails.

  1. Starting with a diet plan without consulting a specialist in itself is a wrong approach. Every person has different body structure and requirements. What works for one person may fail for another.
  2. Many people with strict dieting often experience diet withdrawal symptoms. They get mood swings, suffer from skin problems, digestive problems, feel weak and dizzy. In some, there may be a brain fog. Under extreme conditions, people have no other options but to give up dieting.
  3. Dieting can be a struggle for people whose life revolved around food binging. Having to give up on their favorite foods is no joke. The cravings can drive them crazy. Add to that, social functions, peer pressure, birthday parties, and weddings. The only outcome possible is dieting long gone down the drain.

While dieting can end on a disastrous note for most people, healthy lifestyle practices gives you a lot of reasons to cheer about. Healthy changes in lifestyle habits have helped many people to stay fit and healthy, and most importantly, maintain a desirable body weight.

  1. Making changes in lifestyle habits is no Herculean task. Many people have benefited immensely by making small yet effective lifestyle changes.The lifestyle habits like meditation or swimming are neither drastic or harsh. In fact, these are known to be great mood enhancers and stressbusters.
  2. Everyone knows the health benefits of sleeping. From stress to weight problems, it takes care of everything. A sound sleep and proper rest are lifestyle practices that most people will love to follow.
  3. Healthy lifestyle practices can be fun and yet rewarding. It comes with negligible or no side effects.
  4. Unlike dieting, the lifestyle habits are not only healthy but also easy on the body. They are here to stay not for days or weeks, but for as long as you live.

In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!