Health Tip - Basics For Health

Published Date: Thursday, November 16, 2017

Basic conditions to be healthy are of Three Components, They are 
1. Normal weight,
2. Daily exercises
3. Proper Nutrition.

Suppose you were told that you should always carry a very uncomfortable weight of 8 to 20 pounds, regardless of whether you were walking, sitting, eating or sleeping... you would probably be terribly surely Isn't it? But that's what you do with the excessive! You carry a load of unhealthy drâblogo fat. You Peregružaete all organs, especially the heart and the blood system.
Excess weight is dangerous! He's draining his heart. The insurance statistics show that the least of all people live. Every kilo of excess weight has a life. That's why condition no. 1 for a healthy heart is normal weight!

The Optimal weight can be achieved naturally and continuously supported. The use of drugs from obesity is even more dangerous than obesity!

Condition No. 2 for a healthy heart - daily exercise. The physical burden will not only help maintain normal weight, but will also stimulate healthy circulation, increase the muscle and organs, improve the functioning of all bodies.

The most important condition is condition no. 3-Proper Nutrition! Healthy Heart and healthy body create clean and healthy blood, and pure, healthy blood is the food you eat. Food is the most important factor in the regulation of the weight, the feeding of blood and, through it, the nutrition of the whole body, the keeps of the heart from the deadly cholesterol and strengthens it, turning into a powerful source of eternal

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