Health Tip - Infectious Arthritis

Published Date: Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Infectious arthritis

Infectious arthritis is insidious and complex among all of its species. By bad broken (fungus, parasites, viruses), getting into his system, he's been sitting in us for years without giving evidence of his existence. The infection slowly and gradually destroys the joints, step by step, making them vulnerable and fragile.
According to the latest data, infectious arthritis is registered to every second inhabitant of the planet. They suffer not only from older persons but also children, adolescents, and men and women under age 47

Causes of infectious arthritis
All of the reasons for the authority are caused by bacterial infection, as well as by various bacteria and viruses of a local nature.
• Infectious arthritis is considered to be contaminated by patient and for example a angina. There is a dysfunction of common organs, especially the valves of the heart and the compounds. And that's a million. It hurts you to swallow, your throat is red, and it looks like it's all over. But in time, you begin to notice discomfort in large joints.
• Few people think common colds: Gajmorit, chronic tanzilit, orvy, pneumonia, Scarlet, influenza can cause infectious arthritis and pose danger.
The infection is trying to bond with body cells, but only you should be able to flu, weaken, carry out stress or perenervničatʹ as the strep out out of the cage and then spread to the next healthy cells, eventually the emergence of infectious arthritis.
• Signs of hvori are often found in old people, people with brain lesions, various tumors, hepatitis of all species, blood cancer. In many cases, the syndrome is prone to alcoholics and drug users.
• When it comes to adolescents and children, there is an illness in the first place with gonokokkom. More often, it is transmitted from mother to child, 25 % in the wrong birth, infected by birth routes, not sterile instruments.
• Where are our immune antibodies? Why don't they prevent the emergence of infectious arthritis? The thing is, the contagion of an infectious disease is actively killing immune cells. So they mistakenly begin to destroy themselves. Considering his tissue is impenetrable, the immunity begins to weaken. The Autoimmune disease has become a good chance for the spread of infectious arthritis.
• It should be borne in mind that the harbinger of infectious arthritis may be collected in your body. If our cells are filled with toxins, various šlakami, due to lack of vitamins and minerals, useful enzymes, smoking, alcohol, poor nutrition, the immune system is beginning to suffer, and it has no power to ensure the safety of the body
• Rotten teeth are the green light for subsidence in your body of infectious arthritis that may have a significant impact on your life. There are complications in the heart of the heart, worsening appetite, violating the distorted picture. Most medical doctors argue that there is a direct correlation between the disease of our motor apparatus and the bone and the mouth. Viruses reproduce and lead to kariesu, as a result of artroz and arthritis or polyarthritis.
• The Rift of the nervous system because of bacteria, parasites and fungi (Pneumococcus, strep, meningococcus) often lead to the disease of joints, inflammation their nerve koreshkov and the emergence of infectious arthritis.

Symptoms of disease
• Overflowing blood vessels may be vspuhnutʹ, blush;
• Appears State, starts cold, sometimes throws you into sweat;
• The body aches, hurts, feels twisting;
• Temperature is within 38 degrees;
• White blood cells and erythrocytes are significantly elevated, leukocytosis;
• It is hard for you to be on foot or lift it, or bend your hand, bend over, turn your neck depending on what part of the body is amazed;
• Sometimes,, changes in the form of cartilage.

How to reduce the risk of getting sick?
• to begin by giving up bad habits. According to the ministry of health, smoking and alcohol reduce your life for 10 years.
• Take care of your immunity. Use Lemon, nuts, fresh greens.
• More often wash hands with soap, comply with basic hygiene rules.
• carefully dry and clean the food you eat, remove the skin from vegetables and fruits.
• Try to avoid places with large numbers of people.
• Provetrivajte 3-4 times a day home, apartment, room where you live.
• Do not forget the physical burden. A daily morning workout will help to strengthen your health.
• Try to walk more often in the street, park, by the pond. It will provide oxygen to your system and warn infectious arthritis.
• Avoid comfortable situations, excitement, stress. Solve the questions constructively and don't panic.
• to warn infectious arthritis, you go to the sea first. The composition of sea salt contributes to strengthening the body.
• Mud and mineral baths will be effective.
Health is the main and undeniable wealth of a man. If you want to be vigilant, keep the basic rules and rules, then the arthritis will overtake you.