Health Tip - To Get Rid Off Black Elbows

Published Date: Thursday, September 21, 2017

How to get rid of the black Elbows 

The Elbow of the joints in their physiological features are elevated. During the usual habit of keeping the head behind the table, the skin is rapidly getting dark. To Eliminate a cosmetic defect, it is necessary to find a method to get rid of black spots on elbows.
Why darken elbows

As is known, the skin cover contains saphenous fat gluten, dermis (directly skin) and epidermis. Epidermis has five layers. Of these, the upper - are highly resistant to the effects of external stimuli. A healthy horny layer is a barrier to infectious diseases, and its scales are regularly replaced by new cells.
However, when there are some diseases, such as hyperkeratotic (elevated thickened horny layer), the rejection of old scales is slowing down, and the skin of the elbows is becomes, which is becomes to black spots.
If there are dark spots on the skin of the loktevyh joints, we need to think of some irregularities in the exchange process, The reason for this may be the lack of hygienic care for the body, the shortage of thyroid hormones, the insufficient intake of vitamins a and e.
In order to correct the situation, to support the normal condition of skin the, it is recommended to take useful complexes with vitamins a and e. The following foodstuffs should be included in the diet:
► Dairy Products, orange and red fruits, vegetables, fresh greens, beef liver, which are rich in vitamin a.
► Vegetable Oil: Almond, olive, sesame containing large amounts of Vitamin E.
Moreover, Sesame Oil, thanks to the healing properties, restores the skin, hair, improves the color of the face. It is assigned to treat and prevent diseases of the digestive tract.
How to elbow elbows at home

Potato, starch
To ease the skin on the loktevyh fold night before bed, it is recommended to take bath for 10 minutes from the potato potion, after which to apply nourishing cream. If you have scabra skin, to remove the dark colour of the elbows, you will help a compress of milk and mashed potatoes.
To do that, they put a napkin on a napkin, set the bandage on the black spot. Effective help to remove black and orogovenie elbows, to enhance the strength and elasticity of skin warm bath from corn or potato starch. It's also good for Strawberry potion. After the procedure, you have to rub milk or feed.
For Deep cleansing and do skin masks on milk, flour and lemon juice.
► To Bleach the dark elbows soak their napkin, soaked a mixture of two canteens of pink water and one teaspoon of lemon juice.
To Get rid of the dark elbows with dry skin will help you to squish bread in coconut milk.

Other people's ways to get rid of black spots on loktevyh fold, make lighter and softer skin:
► - Oat Flakes of boiling water, place a warm mask, cover the plastic sheeting, flush the composition of a warm water in minutes, then cause nourishing cream.
► Šeršavuû dry skin elbows dipping fresh cucumber juice.
► To restore elasticity, remove cracks, black spots of coffee grounds should be washed.
► Dark, ogrubevšuû skin on elbows can be mitigated by a treatment mixture consisting of one yolk chicken egg and two canteens spoons glycerine.

How to get rid of black spots on elbows
Soap a
They raise one teaspoon of liquid soap in warm water, add two tea of baking soda. All the ingredients are carefully crushing:
1. on the dark spots are nourishing.
2. Defective joints hold 10 minutes in bath, while carefully benefit the orogovevšie sections of buffed.
3. Are Nourishing Cream again.
4. are placed in bath joints for another 10 minutes.
5. Docking Dermal Skin, are cosmetic cream.
A oil
In order to soften the places, the dark elbow stains are placed for 20 minutes in bath, filled with warm flora or olive oil.
Bath procedures
During the visit to the baths, you need to have a good proparitʹsâ, rinse carefully the dark spots, rub their buffed for at least one minute, while making light rounded.
Popular Treatment of black elbows 

► Use in people's medicine to treat various skin diseases: Eels, rashes, acne. The Water Infusion of the therapeutic plant, when used, reduces the calloused, rough, elbows and knees. It is recommended to often irrigate the specified places of evening or laced mug, divorced water.
Repejnoe oil
► You can purchase it in the pharmacy network. Removes the dark spots on the elbows, gives mitigation and otbelivaûŝee effects on šeršavuû skin. Before performing the medical procedure, a scrub consisting of a mixture of 1 teaspoon salt salt and 1 teaspoon cream should be prepared.
1. Fuel a small amount of repejnogo oil in a small capacity filled with hot water or a water bath. Spillages in the appropriate sockets.
2. Problem areas are put in oil for 15 minutes.
3. Flush Oil using soft loofah with liquid soap.
4. Neat movements cranky scrub for two to three minutes, then flush composition warm water.
5. Wipe docking skin coverings, cosmetic nutrient cream.

Getting rid of black or dark elbows is very effective in helping formulations containing lemon juice. However, these techniques aren't with dry sensitive skin: